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The Green Key helps Canadians access Medical Cannabis.

We do this by connecting cannabis patients with Medical Doctors and specialists through an advanced online portal. Thanks to our unique technology, patients can receive their medical cannabis prescription AND and their product from the comfort of their own home! Best of all, we can offer same-day service in many cases.


The Green Key helps you access Medical Cannabis, FAST!

All Licensed Producers (LPs) and Specialty Producers in Canada only sell to customers who have an approved Medical Document (Prescription). This document is obtained by consulting with a Medical Doctor, who determines your eligibility.

Our best-in-class technology enables patients to complete this interaction and receive their medical document without ever leaving their home. In fact, you can get started right now!

A medical document (prescription) is required to access Cannabis products from many large producers, speciality growers, and retail stores such as Shoppers Drug Mart Cannabis and London Drugs Cannabis.

You may also require a prescription to use Cannabis as medicine for health insurance purposes, employment/employer reference, access to products, and more. 



After your online consultation process, we send the appropriate medical paperwork directly to your desired Cannabis Source. That means you'll be authorized to purchase product in 24 hours and in some cases, the same day.

Our team of Medical Doctors and specialists begin reviewing your application immediately and work for you as quickly as possible to navigate the Health Canada approval process.

There is nobody else who will work harder or faster for you!


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Connecting You

Our platform connects you, the patient, with the resources you need to get your Medical Prescription.

Cannabis Providers you can access with your Green Key Prescription

... and dozens more!



There is no other company in Canada who works as quickly to get  your application into the hands of Medical Doctors. Our staff works by their side 24 hours a day to get your medical document faster than anyone else.


The Green Key is the ONLY Cannabis company in Canada who uses Blockchain technology. This cryptographic storage technique is naturally resistant to tampering or intrusion of your data. Your safety and privacy is our highest priority.


Our best-in-class platform uses Artificial Intelligence. Your application and personal information is reviewed by Medical Doctors in conjunction with machine learning, enabling them to spot potential problems and solutions. 


Obtain your Medical Prescription through the Green Key and most partners provide 10% off your first order!

Time to get started!

Our team of Medical Doctors begin reviewing your file immediately.

When approved, we fast-track your medical prescription directly to the Licenced Producer or Provider of your choice.


Would you like to speak with someone before getting started? 

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